After delays, Bde Maka Ska's new concession stand should open later this month


Wiiiiiings. Lola's Cafe

Louis King says "everything is going as expected" for Lola's on the Lake, the eatery that's set to replace Tin Fish on Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis.

Although it isn't, not exactly. As laid out in their contract with the city, opening day should've been April 15. And you may recall—or may be actively suppressing the memory of—the very unexpected weather event that hit that weekend: our biggest April snowstorm ever. Plus, there were construction setbacks: the building had to be brought up to code, its floors and walls ripped out to make necessary upgrades.

But the Lola's owner/operator is undeterred. According to a release, "The shiny new equipment is covered in plastic waiting for opening day, like the rest of Minnesota." (We have to assume only the "waiting" is meant to refer to the rest of MN, not the plastic part, and that this isn't some sort of strange Twin Peaks thing.) “Everyone at the City and the Park Board have been really helpful and nice," King goes on. "This is not a horror story." (So... definitely not Twin Peaks-related, then.)

The lake-adjacent Lola joins Lola's Cafe, which has concession stands at U.S. Bank Stadium and Jim Lupient Water Park. Like its siblings, you can expect "low and slow" smoked wings here—never fried, no gas, no direct heat. There will be 10 tap beers. Hopefully, you can also expect shorter lines: King tells the Southwest Journal that a speedy, second line will serve grab-and-go kids’ meals, salads, pulled pork sandwiches, and mac and cheese, ideally cutting down waits for the smoky stuff.

Lola's lakeside iteration has a five-year lease with the city, and is the first black-owned business the Park Board's worked with at Bde Maka Ska, according to the Strib. And even with delays, it should be open by the end of May.

"We are certain of our grand opening Memorial Day Weekend," King promises. "Until then, we will play it by ear.”

In the meantime, satisfy your al fresco fantasies at Sea Salt, Sandcastle, or one of the other seasonal restaurants and stands that are open for the season.

Lola's on the Lake
3000 E. Calhoun Pkwy., Minneapolis