A Minnesota woman donated her kidney to a stranger she met in a bar

A woman who lives in Nimrod -- yes, that's a town -- was feeling especially generous toward a stranger.

A woman who lives in Nimrod -- yes, that's a town -- was feeling especially generous toward a stranger. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Stop us if this sounds familiar.

You spy a mysterious stranger from across the bar. After a bit of pleasant small talk, you settle into conversation, letting your guards down more and more with each drink.

Shadows lengthen, the bar empties, the lights come up -- and before you know it, you're offering to give the guy your kidney.

You didn't stop us. Does that... not sound familiar? 

It does if you read the Duluth News Tribune, and the above description is just about how matter-of-fact Kristin Day makes the whole thing sound. In a recent Tribune story, the Pine River, Minnesota woman shared what has to be one of the unlikeliest (voluntary) organ donation stories of all time.

An abbreviated list of some of the tale's wildest points:

  • Day met a stranger at a bar in Nimrod, Minnesota.
  • Nimrod is the name of a town.
  • Nimrod, according to the 2010 census, has a population of 69 (nice).
  • The town is named for the biblical Nimrod, who is the son of Kush, who is the son of Ham.

...I literally haven't made up any of these facts.

  • Okay, so! Day walks into a Nimrod bar, sees a stranger with a port on his arm for administering dialysis -- the guy's needed it daily for two years as he awaits a kidney transplant.
  • (Presumably, he's not drinking? Because of the whole kidney thing?)
  • They strike up a conversation.
  • Some intense bonding must occur in this window because
  • Two hours later, Day offers him one of her kidneys.

Already, this is a weird one. But it gets weirder:

  • Day starts doing secret health tests and blood screenings, without telling her newfound friend.
  • When she finally breaks the news, he reminds her that she has a family, asks her to be careful.
  • Day insists she isn't scared, and according to News Tribune, was actually "excited." And unbelievably, she's a match? With this random guy she met in a bar in a town of less than 100 people?!
  • Six months after meeting, Day does it: She goes under the knife and donates her kidney.

"It was just kind of crazy," Day told the News Tribune. "We were at Nimrod at a bar. That's just how it happened. We were in the right place at the right time."

The situation has since been picked up by national outlets including the Takeout, which called it "a heartwarming story that could probably only stem from Minnesota."

Yeah, that, or from a crossover episode of Grey's Anatomy and Twin Peaks.