A former Viking chats about his vodka company's upcoming Duck, Duck, Gray Duck world record attempt

Behold! The very touchdown celebration that inspired Gray Duck Vodka

Behold! The very touchdown celebration that inspired Gray Duck Vodka Associated Press

To celebrate their first anniversary in business, Minnesota-based Gray Duck Vodka is hosting a shenanigan fit for the record books… literally. 

In just 365 days, Gray Duck has racked up awardsincluding three gold medals in three different spirit competitions, never scoring less than 90 pointswhile distributing across Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Iowa. To commemorate these achievements, Gray Duck will seek to add yet another feather to their cap by setting a world record for the largest game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck ever played. 

And you, dear reader, can join them in this quest tomorrow afternoon.

The huge, all-ages game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck will take place on the grounds of Canterbury Park at 4 p.m. (though participants are asked to arrive early). Samples of the gluten-free, corn-based spirit will be administered to attendees age 21 and over, which should ensure there’ll be no shortage of fun and, er, spirit.

Though it is perfectly absurd, this venture’s also in keeping with Gray Duck’s founding story. According to lore, the Minnesota-based company was dreamt up by a trio of friends who were particularly inspired upon witnessing a celebratory game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck break out in the Vikings’ end zone in 2017, led by Kyle Rudolph, after the Vikes had scored on the Chicago Bears.

Gray Duck’s partner and retired Viking linebacker Chad Greenway was kind enough to shed some light on the company and its vodka-fueled attempt at childs play in advance of tomorrow’s world-record attempt, including an explanation of the distinctly Minnesotan game’s rules, how to best enjoy their vodka, and more.

City Pages: From your perspective as a professional athlete who now calls Minnesota home, can you explain to me (and anyone else not from here) how a game of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck is played?

Greenway: I think the game is very similar but instead of saying “goose,” you say “gray duck.” I grew up playing Duck, Duck, Goose and only found out about Duck, Duck, Gray Duck when I started playing for the Vikings. I think what makes this game so great is that Minnesota is the only state that plays that way; it really is a Minnesota idiosyncrasy which is why I think Kyle Rudolph's touchdown celebration sparked such a big debate across the country.

How much vodka do you think it'll take to get adults to play?

I think the adults will want to play no matter what. It's going to be a blast for all those involvedI can't wait. Guests who play in the game and are 21+ will get to sample a Gray Duck Vodka cocktail, so maybe that'll help loosen some people up, but even if they choose not to drink, it's going to be a great event.

What's your favorite way to drink Gray Duck?

I love a jalapeño-infused Moscow Mule. #2 is a martini.

Will you be playing in Saturday's record-breaking game?

I will not be playing in the game Saturday, unfortunately. I will be playing in Wiffle Wars at CHS Field supporting Children's Minnesota.


*Since world record-organizers view this as a “new” version of the game, Gray Duck won’t be competing this Saturday with the goal of overtaking the extant record in Duck, Duck, Goose (set in 2011 with 2,135 participants), but rather seek to set their own high water mark in the event. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we know why…  


Canterbury Park
1100 Canterbury Rd., Shakopee
Saturday, August 10 
Participant arrival 2:30-3:30 p.m., Game starts 4 p.m.