10 Best Snacks in the Minneapolis Skyway


It's 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. Despite your best efforts to ignore your protesting stomach, there's no way you can stick it out until your next meal.

Instead of settling for that stale granola bar at the back of your desk drawer or the potato chips from the office vending machine, venture out to see what the Minneapolis Skyway has to offer. Sweet stuff, salty stuff, healthy stuff, guilty-pleasures -- here's our list of the Skyway's ten best snacks.

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Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon, Wuollet Bakery When: For when you deserve a serious indulgence. Where: 200 S. 6th St., U.S. Bank Plaza The size of your palm and dipped in chocolate, the coconut macaroons at Wuollet are confections with some heft to them. A crisp toasted shell protects a gloriously moist mound of coconut, and the dark chocolate dipped bottom provides a satisfying conclusion to each bite. Bonus: Unlike most of the selections in the bakery case, the macaroons are gluten free.

Pistachio macaron, Cocoa & Fig When: For when you need a sweet, sophisticated nibble. Where: 651 Nicollet Mall, Gaviidae Common If you want a sweet snack of more modest proportions, the French macarons at Cocoa & Fig fit the bill. These feather-light sandwich cookies come in several flavors that change daily, although the cheery green pistachio variety is always on offer. The sweetness level is fairly subtle, which allows the nutty flavor of the minced pistachios in the cream filling to shine through.

Barsy's Almonds Smokies, Simpls When: For when you want a good-for-you snack that actually tastes good. Where: 601 Marquette While most convenience stores in the Skyway stock overpriced bags of Fritos and Mountain Dew, Simpls caters to the co-op crowd, with snacks like locally made Barsy's Almonds. The "Smokies" almonds are covered in a savory coating with a delicious beef jerky aftertaste. But although your taste buds may be fooled, Smokies are actually vegetarian -- the meat-like flavor comes from natural hickory flavoring and nutritional yeast. The almonds are sold in bags that provide a few handful-sized helpings, so you can eat some now and stash the rest in your desk drawer for future snacking emergencies.


Oatmeal cranberry white chocolate cookie, Classic Cookie Co. When: For when you'd like a down-to-earth sugar fix. Where: 200 S. 5th St., CenturyLink Building As the name suggests, Classic Cookie Co. focuses on one snack and they do it well. The sheer variety of saucer-sized cookies can be a bit overwhelming, so focus on the oatmeal cranberry white chocolate. The oatmeal provides a hearty, substantial quality unusual in sweet snacks, while the sweetened dried cranberries and white chocolate chunks keep the cookie from straying too far into health food territory.

Popcorn, Target Café When: For when you're looking for a bargain. Where: 1000 Nicollet Mall, Target Plaza It's definitely not artisanal, but the Target Café popcorn is one of the best deals in the Skyway. For a mere $1.29 plus tax (make it a popcorn and drink combo for $1.99), you get a large bag of popcorn to munch on all afternoon long. The popcorn is everything you could hope for at its price point: fluffy, fresh, and salted to perfection. The only downside is trying to pick out bits of popcorn from your keyboard (a can of compressed air is your best friend).

Sweet Green juice, Juice So Good When: For when it's too late for coffee but too early for happy hour. Where: 733 S. Marquette, Baker Building Even if you like chewing too much to attempt a days-long juice cleanse, a bottle of cold pressed juice from the Juice So Good hits the spot as a refreshing afternoon pick me up. The Sweet Green juice is perfect for dedicated juicers and newbies alike. Spinach lends a green hue and some nutritional street cred, while the apples and pears provide a welcome natural sweetness.

Tomato soup, Soup to Go When: For when you need something nourishing. Where: 800 LaSalle, LaSalle Plaza Whether you're in the mood for comfort food or need something warm to combat your office's severe lack of adequate heating, head over to Crave's Soup to Go counter in the LaSalle Building. Rich with cream, almost thick enough to stand a spoon up in, and garnished with fresh Parmesan, this is a tomato soup that will make it difficult to ever again be satisfied by the red and white canned version.

Taffy, Amy's Classic Confections When: For when your inner child needs a sweet snack. Where:601 S. Marquette Candy stores are the stuff of childhood fantasies. Now you're a grown up, and there isn't anyone to chastise you for spoiling your appetite. The bins of taffy at Amy's offer up chewy bites of sweet nostalgia in flavors ranging from classic strawberry and peppermint to gourmet options like cranberry-raspberry and pomegranate. Choose your favorite flavors, and fill your bag as much or as little as you want -- it's sold by the pound.

Raspberry tart and dark chocolate frozen yogurt, Yogurt Lab When: For when you've got to simultaneously satisfy your sweet tooth and quell a DIY urge. Where: 80 8th St. S., IDS Center The only problem with a visit to the Yogurt Lab is choosing what sort of yogurt sundae to build: there are a dozen weekly flavors and over 50 different toppings. Make your decision a little easier by grabbing a divider. Cater to your inner health nut by devoting half your cup to raspberry tart yogurt and fresh fruit, while indulging your chocolate-loving alter ego by filling the other half with a concoction of dark chocolate yogurt, chocolate sauce, and brownie and cookie dough bites.

Edamame, One Two Three Sushi When: For when you want to play with your food. Where:80 S. 8th St., IDS Center Low in fat and high in protein, One Two Three Sushi's boiled edamame makes for wholesome munching. But honestly, the best part might be popping the beans out of the pods -- you haven't had this much fun at work since you swiped that roll of bubble wrap from the mail room. For now, you can get your edamame fix at the IDS Center or Retek Center, and a location at U.S. Bank Plaza is scheduled to open soon.

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