Enter to Win Delta Package for 24 players at Tactical Urban Combat

Delta Package: Covers up to 24 Players and Includes:

One Hour Session | Rental Equipment Included | Unlimited Ammo | Digital Group Photo | 1 Free Large Pizza From Sbarro’s

Tactical Urban Combat Indoor Blaster Battle Arena : Our indoor blaster battle arena is designed for ages 6 & up. We will be using the Nerf Rival Nemesis as our blaster of choice. This blaster is the top of the line blaster for the rival series, has a 100-round hopper and it shoots fully automatic! It shoots foam balls at 100 feet per second, which is safe for all ages. We will be providing full face safety masks and unlimited ammunition for no additional charge with all rentals! We do not allow players to bring in their own blasters, but you may bring in your own full face paintball mask, if you so choose.

Our arena is designed for the Call of Duty feeling, having urban buildings and obstacles. We will have multiple different game types including elimination and capture the flag. We will also host special nights such as zombies where the players can choose to be a zombie or a shooter. The games will be to eliminate all zombies before getting tagged! Other game types will be Citizens vs. Military, this is where the players will compete against active and retired military members. There will be 4 military members defending one side of the arena, the goal is for the players to eliminate the military before they get eliminated themselves.

Click here to watch a clip from our indoor nerf blaster battle arena! | Click here for more information

Winners will be chosen at random and notified that they've won via email and or phone.

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