Young Conservatives Club sues Edina High for terminating their group


Conservative students are suing Edina High, claiming the administration canceled their group for criticizing a protest of the National Anthem. Edina School District

It all began with a rocky Veterans Day assembly.

Edina High School observed Veterans Day this year with the singing of the National Anthem and the playing of Taps to honor fallen soldiers. Following the example of the NFL's protests over police brutality, a number of students remained seated throughout, while some lay on the floor.

The school's Young Conservatives Club would have none of it. A video soon made its way to the club's GroupMe messaging stream, along with comments denouncing the protest.

Social media fired back, igniting a barrage of insults against the conservative students, and labeling them bigots and racists. The backlash culminated in an ostentatious video message featuring an anonymous YouTuber in a hoodie and a Guy Fawkes mask claiming to be "Edina High School Antifa."

He demanded the Young Conservatives Club purge its membership of every student who has "frequented racism," declaring, "We will not stop until every tentacle of your evil monstrosity is sliced off at the nerve." 

The guy threatened to tattle to administration if its demands weren't met.

Police were called because the Young Conservatives felt unsafe, but ultimately determined there was no real danger.

On Thursday, Minneapolis attorney Erick Kaardal filed a lawsuit against Edina School District, Superintendent John Schultz, Edina High School, and Principal Andy Beaton on behalf of the Young Conservatives Club.

The lawsuit claims that school administration responded to the Antifa video by terminating the club because it "criticized the school's policies supporting the organized student protest at the November 9, 2017, Edina High School Veterans Day program."

“School policy allows students to disrespect military veterans and the United States flag, but will not tolerate those students who criticize the disrespectful behavior of the student protesters," Kaardal said. “That’s a double standard."

Edina School District declined comment, saying it has not yet reviewed the lawsuit. 


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