WCCO reports on "boobies" without ever saying "boobies"

The word "boobies" never passed their lips.

The word "boobies" never passed their lips.

Some school districts around the state are getting squeamish over "boobies," and so is WCCO.

Like us, the station reported yesterday on how some schools want to ban breast cancer awareness bracelets that say "I heart boobies."


But "boobies" never passed the lips of reporter Reg Chapman and husband-wife anchor team Amelia Santaniello and Frank Vascellaro during the segment.

When Vascellaro said, "You can see what the bracelets look like," as an image flashed across the screen, that was as close as any of them got. (You can watch the video here.)

We can't figure out if WCCO is worried that some buttoned-up Minnesota viewers find "boobies" to be so offensive that they'd switch channels to a competitor, or if folks at the station were afraid the reporter or anchors would bust up laughing if they had to actually say the word.

"Boobies" proved a little less problematic on the WCCO website, where Chapman snuck some into the story, and the caption under a photo of the bracelet.

We also found no "boobies"--a report or the word--on KSTP and KARE 11.

Over at Fox 9 we found a big, bold "boobies" headline. Sadly, it linked to a Florida Fox affiliate's report.

They're having problems with "boobies" in Florida schools, too, it seems.