WCCO acknowledges Duck Dog story on website

James Schugel's story has been sorta unscrubbed.

James Schugel's story has been sorta unscrubbed.

Before this afternoon, if one were to rely purely on the content of WCCO's website, the now-notorious "duck dog" story never happened.

That all came to an end this afternoon.

Although it contains no new information, an editor's note has finally been posted to the website that acknowledges, that, like, yeah this one time? We TOTALLY did a story about a meat market that sold dog meat, but, um, actually the butcher was saying duck. Whoops!


The original mistake was bad enough -- reporter James Schugel reported that a Chinatown meat market was selling "dogs for people to eat" and implied they came from a dog breeder in Minnesota. That was ascertained by a phone call in which Schugel asked repeatedly if the market sold dog meat. The worker thought Schugel said, "duck." The rest is history.

But once WCCO discovered the story had a huge error in it, they reacted in a way that has drawn just as much criticism as the story itself. They deleted it from their website, as if it never happened. Up until this week, anyone curious about the story couldn't watch it anywhere (it's now available on YouTube).

Now, three weeks after the duck-dog controversy started, WCCO posted an acknowledgment of the story and the error in an editor's note. It reads, in part:

When we called the market, the person we spoke to said he didn't speak English but then gave an interview in English. We asked him if the market sold dogs, and we believed he answered in the affirmative. We now believe he said duck.

Read the whole thing here.

No news yet on whether WCCO will be apologizing to the Asian American Journalists Association or anyone else for that matter, but at least now the internet record stands just a little bit straighter. This happened. We didn't dream it.

James Schugel and the fateful dog-duck moment.

James Schugel and the fateful dog-duck moment.

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