Watch this mini-doc on the man who caught Kirby Puckett's legendary World Series dinger

Kirby triumphantly rounding the bags in 1991

Kirby triumphantly rounding the bags in 1991 Associated Press

“And we’ll see you... tomorrow night!”

That classic call from CBS announcer Jack Buck happened exactly 27 years ago, punctuating Kirby Puckett's 11th inning walk-off blast in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series. The following night, on the back of Jack Morris' epic shutout, the Twins would dagger the Atlanta Braves and become world champs. 

Those heroics are etched into the memories of Minnesota sports fans. Less known is whatever happened to that ball Puckett launched into the Metrodome's sea of Homer Hankies -- until today. 

TPT answers that question with a delightful mini-documentary on the man who caught Puckett's dinger. Billed simply as "Joe," the good-natured Twins fan recalls snapping photos, stashing away his camera, and -- fortuitously! -- picking up his mitt during Puckett's at-bat.  

Then, with the game tied 3-3, Puckett smacks Charlie Leibrandt's pitch into left-center field.

"I realized, this is probably gonna be a home run," Joe says. "And it's coming our way."

The ball bounced off one fan, so Joe lunged and extended his arm into the scrum. As he pulled his mitt back in, he wasn't sure if anything was resting in its webbing. 

"I will never, ever forget the feeling when I opened up the glove, and the ball was there," Joe beams. "I was just looking at it going, 'holy cow,' and my heart just started beating out of my shirt."

A sense of duty immediately overtook Joe: "We have to figure out how to get this to Kirby," he informed his family. 

We won't spoil the rest. Enjoy the entire three-minute clip below. 

TGIF. Go Twins.