Try to escape in the snow, and the Beltrami Sheriff's Office will chase you [PHOTO]


Rugged Beltrami County Sheriff's deputies posses a unique skill set. At the top during winter is chasing down suspects in deep snow without having to breathe the least bit hard.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office serves and protects 40,000-plus residents spread out across more than 3,000 square miles in north central Minnesota.

At present, those square miles are very, very cold, and last night deputies were tasked with chasing down a suspect through the snow.

According to a Facebook post from the department, deputies on foot were in pursuit when their suspect tried to get away by dashing through the drifts. This seemed like a shrewd move, at first, as deputies lost sight of him in the dark.

The good news is snow tracks led authorities right to the suspect, who was summarily caught. That outcome explains why the deputy seen here is able to laugh despite being up to his hips in some very cold snow. 

Here's the full Facebook post the sheriff's office posted yesterday:


Last night deputies got in a foot pursuit with a suspect who went running through the snow. Deputies were able to follow the tracks in the snow (pretty easy to distinguish) and caught the suspect. The snow drifts were pretty deep, as seen here - let's hope the deputy who took this photo of Deputy Hardie walking back to the squad in waist deep snow drifts had a cup of coffee for him!


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