Trump flags at Mall of America: No arrests, one Christmas Tree singalong [VIDEO]

Demonstrators promised to curtail their event to American flags and patriotic songs, but not everybody "got the memo," according to social media.

Demonstrators promised to curtail their event to American flags and patriotic songs, but not everybody "got the memo," according to social media. Twitter

If you hit up the Mall of America this weekend to get some holiday shopping done, we extend our condolences. If you didn’t, here’s what you managed to avoid.

Bring Me the News reports that around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, Republican activist Sheri Auclair orchestrated the “YUGE Trump Flag Drop” in the mall’s rotunda, right by the yuge Christmas tree. Supporters planned to flop down a “TRUMP 2020” banner and wave patriotic and pro-police flags.

This wouldn’t be the first time Auclair, a former Republican National Convention delegate from Wayzata, has gone big rather than gone home for Trump. You may recall 2018, when she put the "fun" in fundraiser and dressed as “MAGA Woman, here to save the world from the liberal left” at a Halloween fundraiser for then-Sheriff Rich Stanek.

And who could forget 2016, when she wore a shawl made of the American flag and swooped around the convention like a freedom-loving, Trumpian eagle.

Anyway, according to a video Auclair posted on Facebook, when the “hundred or so” demonstrators arrived at the mall, they were instantly greeted by more police than she’d ever seen, “with dogs, around the rotunda on every single floor.”

“This is when you know you’re on someone’s radar—actually, I’m going to say, probably in a good way,” she told Facebook followers.

The mall wasn’t immediately available for comment, though to hear Auclair tell it, a cop told her he was a “huge” Trump supporter, as were other officers, but they had a job to do. So after much “negotiating,” Auclair and other organizers pulled their supporters onto the rotunda floor to unfurl American (and "Blue Lives Matter") flags and sing patriotic songs.

An image tweeted about the rally shows that at some point, a few supporters also dropped the Trump flag.

The mall has a longstanding policy against protests and demonstrations on its property. During previous protests that disobeyed police orders, consequences were swift. One rally held by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis in 2014 protesting police brutality led to criminal charges. For a while, the mall even sought about $40,000 in restitution. (Eventually, criminal charges and civil claims were dropped or dismissed.) 

Another protest the following year soon after the police killing of Jamar Clark led to a tense standoff with cops.

That’s not how Auclair’s account of her pro-Trump demonstration went. According to the video, nobody got arrested, and it “all worked out.”

In another update posted to her lively Facebook feed, Auclair claimed on Friday to have spoken to Donald Trump Jr. by phone during a call she got from Minnesota RNC Comitteeman Rick Rice. (Rice also features in that Rich Stanek fundraiser party video above.) According to Auclair, Rice "called me for $$$$...I donated...Don Jr. came on the phone to thank me! Awesome start to the weekend!"

In related news, God bless America and Merry Christmas.