Trump creep Seb Gorka invited to be least human thing at Minnesota Zoo

Sebastian Gorka, about whom we can honestly say: We cannot believe we still have to write about this asshole.

Sebastian Gorka, about whom we can honestly say: We cannot believe we still have to write about this asshole. MSNBC/Youtube

Sebastian Gorka is stupid and racist and incompetent.

You knew that already if you paid attention to his bizarre, rootless claim that the 2017 bombing of a local Islamic center might have been "propagated by the left."

(Plot twist: It was horrifying white supremacists, American born-'n'-bred.)

But what you might not know is just how petty the former Trump administration adviser and serial liar is. Just how low is Seb willing to go?

Well, just last week he was railing about how PBS' Arthur cartoon series was set to feature a gay wedding, and how appalling this was as a part of the "culture wars." You'd know that if you read Fox News, or listened to Seb's (undoubtedly awful) radio show, or read those emails your aunt keeps sending you with all-caps subject lines.

But that's still not enough information about ol' fascist Sebastian. Turns out his real rock bottom moment was saved for yesterday.

For reasons beyond us, any reasonable person, and even most reasonable beasts, Gorka is booked for a "dinner and discussion" event at the Minnesota Zoo next month. Tickets are $100 (!) unless you wanted to actually speak face-to-face with this ghoulish guest, in which case you would've paid $249, plus a $26 fee for the privilege of buying a ticket online. 

If that interested you, you suck, and are already too late: Those tickets are SOLD OUT, according to an event page

(There's probably no god, BTW.)

Will Sebastian admit he was wrong to assume a mosque bombing was not actually a plot by people who undoubtedly agree with him and his dreadful former employer? Will he cop to the fact that most of his career resume seems to have been fabricated?

Will he stroke his goatee maniacally and admit he is the inspiration for at least four comic book villains who tend to die early in the series because their character isn't deep enough for even the most inspired writers to keep around much longer?

We don't know, and we probably won't, because we'd rather buy tickets for the chance to eat dinner with the lions -- hell, we'd rather buy tickets to be dinner for the lions. This man is atrocious, and boring.

Need further proof? Here's his exchange with our own Jay Boller yesterday. This, reader, is how petty Sebastian Gorka is. He's replying to a City Pages editor about a cartoon wedding. 

As Minnesotans, we are offended. Snowflakes, unlike Sebastian, are cool and gorgeous. 

Imagine paying to have dinner with someone tweeting rude shit about a cartoon wedding.

On a related note, Jay Boller is also available for "dinner and discussion" for the low, low price of $250 (some fees apply). Arthur, meanwhile, is not available for dinner at this time, as he's probably still recovering from what sounds like a fabulous wedding and party. Plus he's a cartoon character.

Our unsolicited advice: Don't pay for anything from people like Sebastian Gorka unless it's for them to go really far away.