The Vikings just signed one of the Eagles guys responsible for torching them


Was Nick Foles' playoff run a fluke? Was Carson Wentz's success preordained? Did someone really make the Cleveland Browns competent? Associated Press

If you can't beat 'em, try hiring a key figure directly responsible for your humiliating demise on national television. 

-- is how the saying should go, anyway. 

As of Monday, January 22, the Minnesota Vikings were no longer employing Pat Shurmur, the offensive coordinator whose unit had just put up seven points in a 60-minute NFC Championship Game. (Shurmur departed to become head coach of the New York Giants.) 

As of Thursday, Minnesota's hired one of the people behind the 38 points the Philadelphia Eagles scored in that same NFC Championship Game... plus another 41 points in a Super Bowl win. 

Eagles quarterbacks coach John Defilippo will take over as Vikings offensive coordinator, a move ESPN calls the "splash hire" of one of the NFL's "most respected up-and-coming minds." Defilippo, 39, hepled get backup QB Nick Foles ready for the playoffs, a task complicated by the Eagles' complex and inventive playbook.

Result: six touchdowns, one interception (not his fault!), a touchdown reception, and a Super Bowl MVP.

And before all that, Defilippo spent two years coaching Carson Wentz, who transformed from exciting rookie prospect to MVP candidate from one season to the next. 

Maybe Foles' run was just a fluke. And hey, Wentz was a No. 2 overall pick. So, what was this Defilippo guy doing before that?



Dear God. He made Cleveland Browns players good? Send this man directly to the Hall of Fame. 

Before running a Vikings offense, Defilippo will have to pick which quarterback he wants to coach up. All three quarterbacks on the Vikings roster have accumulated winning records with the team: Sam Bradford (9-8), Case Keenum (11-3), and Teddy Bridgewater (17-11). Which one of them should start Week One? 

Or will the team look still elsewhere, perhaps to Washington (Racist Name) free agent Kirk Cousins? Or, ESPN speculates, the Vikings could "make a deal to get Foles to Minneapolis," a notion also floated to City Pages earlier this week by a very happy drunk man.

Possibilites abound, and Minnesota fans might have to wait a while to find out who coach Mike Zimmer and Defilippo entrust with next season's offense. One thing's for certain: The guy drawing up the plays will do so with a Super Bowl ring on his finger. 

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