The 20 best nicknames for Donald Trump (so far)


K-Mart Caesar has been sliding in the polls. But believe me, Tangerine Jesus is getting tremendous out there. Just outstanding. Gage Skidmore

A rare, remarkable keepsake from the 2016 election, this exquisite collection is not sold in stores:

20. Agent Orange

19. Bratman

18. The Human Corncob

17. Darth Hater

16. Hair Furher

15. K-Mart Caesar

14. The Angry Cheeto

13. Genghis Can't

12. The Xenophobic Sweet Potato

11. Prima Donald

10. Barbecued Brutus

9. The White Kanye

8. Dire Abby

7. The Tanning Bed Warning Label

6. Tangerine Jesus

5. The Feral Shouting Meatball

4. Vanilla ISIS

3. The Talking Yam

2. Mango Mussolini

1. Cinnamon Hitler


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