Tesla owners rejoice! A charging station is coming to Minneapolis


A Tesla supercharger station in coming somewhere to the City of Lakes soon.

In addition to looking enviably cool, one of the perks to driving a $100,000 Tesla is a lifetime of free access to the car maker's electrical charging stations. 


Yet convenient access to said supercharger remains the bane of the plugged in bourgeoisie. Though there are more than 5,000 superchargers globally, only seven are located in Minnesota, with the lone Twin Cities location at a Hy-Vee in Oakdale

That's about to change, according to the company.

Tesla's plans to double the number of charging stations to 10,000 includes an unspecified Minneapolis site.

Emails to the company requesting the address for the Minneapolis location received no response as of late Tuesday. A representative at Tesla's Eden Prairie showroom did not know. 

We do know this: Other new supercharger locations will be in Rochester, Alexandria, and Sherburn, west of Fairmont.  

Tesla's supercharger network launched in 2012. Today, there are in excess of 200,000 Tesla owners around the world.  



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