Spurned in romance, Perkins baker admits to peeing in coworker’s water bottle


Conrrado Cruz Perez admitted to peeing in his coworker's water bottle after she turned down his romantic advances in favor of friendship. Ramsey County Sheriff

Conrrado Cruz Perez was a baker at the Vadnais Heights Perkins with a heart beating hard for a coworker. But she wasn’t interested in him that way, preferring to be friends.

According to police, Cruz Perez would soon take a rather unique route to cultivating that friendship.

On about 15 occasions after she spurned his overtures, the woman noticed that the water in her water bottle carried a distinct pee-like taste.

So the woman called police, believing she was being harassed by the baker. At first, Cruz Perez denied having done anything. But when investigators suggested doing some DNA testing on the bottle to be sure, he gave himself up.

But he claimed it was more innocent than the evidence might indicate. He said he had to go to the bathroom, but the restaurant was too busy to take a break, so he’d used his coworker’s bottle instead. Then he simply forgot to throw it away. Or tell her about it.

Regardless, Cruz Perez was fired “immediately,” according to Perkins manager Kristen Olson, who says she’s not privy to the details in this case.

On Monday, Cruz Perez pleaded guilty in Ramsey County District Court, though he still maintains he did it because he had to use the bathroom.

He’ll be sentenced in late July.


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