Sometimes it snows in April, and when it does, college kids make a snow dick [PHOTO]

Matty Lang

Matty Lang

Extreme experiences draw out the poets and artists. 

Vonnegut lived through the Dresden bombing. Zora Neale Hurston set Their Eyes Were Watching God in the path of a hurricane that really happened. Voltaire's Candide was partially inspired by the Lisbon earthquake

Earlier this week, an artist of no lesser talent or inspiration than those, saw his city get dumped with snow. Like, a lot of snow, and really, really late in the season. Mid-April. And so, he made a dick in the snow. 

This work of art was captured in a photo by Matty Lang, a filmmaker and Minneapolis resident, who tells City Pages he'd heard tales of students traipsing down to the banks of the Mississippi River to draw things in the snow. Penises, mostly. 

And so, Tuesday morning, as he walked to his office, Lang crossed the Washington Avenue pedestrian bridge. He made a point to look down, and there, spotted the snow-sculptor's work. 

"Heh," thought Lang, who photographed the sight and tweeted it. 

Later Tuesday, he reflected on the cold, watery phallus shape, and it occurred to him that "someone spent probably about an hour of their life creating that." 

And how else could we appreciate this work, aside from our tweets, our blog posts, and our dick jokes?

How does this snow cock compare to the one that graced Loring Park in winter 2017? It's not that one has to better or worse! Each snow dick is different: physically ephemeral, ever-melting away, though frozen in our collective memory, as bold, bright, and ridiculous as when we first laid eyes on it.