Scared liar Alex Jones: U.S. has 'colonized Minnesota with Somalis' [VIDEO]


Almost everything Alex Jones says is wrong. Alex Jones Network

On Sunday, 20-year-old Mahad Abdiraham stabbed two brothers who were shopping at the Mall of America, according to a criminal complaint.

On Monday, legendary Hollywood shitheel James Woods tweeted a video depicting Somalis at the Mall of America

Are these things connected?


This we learned from a nine-minute clip from Alex Jones, a disturbingly popular conspiracist who has never let the fact that everything he says is a lie detract from the fact that it would be scary if it was true. 

After showing the same clip James Woods had posted, Jones begins: "Mall of America yesterday..."

Wrong. The video's timing is unclear, but it was almost certainly taken during Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday which many Somali Minnesotans celebrate with a trip to the Mall of America. This year, Eid al-Adha fell on August 31 and September 1, which is only "yesterday" if you, like Alex Jones, have been awake for the last 10 weeks.

Here's an NPR story (from 2006) about why Muslims go to the mall to celebrate Eid. 

For Muslims in Minnesota, when winter eliminates any hope of outdoor celebration, Mall of America has become a new cultural sanctuary. Thousands of American Muslims of all ethnicities, races and creeds gather to celebrate our own native customs and identities.

Hold us, we're scared.

Ahem. Continue, Alex.

"Mall of America yesterday was about 95 percent Somali..."

Wrong. This one small part of the Mall of America (the Nickelodeon Universe) appears to be heavily Somali or East African... during a very brief clip... recorded, again, on a day when Muslims traditionally gather at the mall. The Mall of America is enormous, though: 500-something stores spread out over 4.9 million square feet of space. 

This video shows a couple hundred people. The Mall of America averages more than 100,000 visitors a day. Most are white. 

Anyway, sorry to cut you off again Alex, continue. 

"Mall of America yesterday was about 95 percent Somali. Now, that's the main area where they've been resettling for 40-plus years..."

Wrong. The vast majority of Somali-Americans emigrated to the United States (and Minnesota, specifically) as refugees from a civil war ... during the 1990s. That's not 40 years ago.

OK, sorry Alex. Proceed.

"Now, that's the main area where they've been resettling for 40-plus years. The U.S. Government has been bringing Muslims in, from the most suppressive, most radical Muslim nation..."

Wrong. Those are subjective assertions to begin with, but, while Somalia is essentially tied for dead last in freedoms, it's down there with countries -- Saudia Arabia, Yemen -- the U.S. considers its allies. 

As for "most radical," Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan -- again, all U.S. allies -- suffer more terrorist attacks than Somalia. And most terrorists or would-be terrorists who target America are from... America.

OK Alex, go on.

"The U.S. Government has been bringing Muslims in, from the most suppressive, radical Muslim nation, where women are sold at slave auctions to this day..."

Not wrong, per se, but misleading as hell. Jones is almost certainly referring to sex slavery as practiced by Al-Shabaab militants, a group which consists of maybe 9,000 people -- in a country of 14 million.

The way Jones phrases it makes it sound like slave auctions in Somalia are sanctioned, and happening everywhere, all the time. It'd be like describing the United States as a "nation where people get shot at country music concerts," or a "nation where people live in St. Cloud, Minnesota." 

Is there... more?

"The U.S. Government has been bringing Muslims in, from the most suppressive, radical Muslim nation, where women are sold at slave auctions to this day. It has the highest murder rate in the world..." 


"It has the highest murder rate in the world, and women are seen as, basically, animals. Now, our government, as part of the diversity VISA program, has colonized Minnesota with Somalis."

Oh, fuck this. This is going to take all day. Imagine how exhausting it would be if the people who watch Alex Jones -- or feed this hokum into his teleprompter -- cared whether what he said was even remotely true.

You can watch this clip if you want, but please, go in knowing virtually every single thing in Jones says is either provably incorrrect, or has been twisted beyond recognition into something pointy, which he then waves right in front of his terrified viewers' bug-eyes. At one point Jones starts talking about "drag queen festivals." At another, he calls Abdiraham -- Jones calls him "Adderdam" (wrong), then "Abababa" (wrong) -- "our new Somali God." Then he says the word "zero" 16 times in a row. It's... well, it's pretty much like every other Alex Jones clip.

We at City Pages are not fans of Jones' radio and TV work, but we do love his music. 

And for a bit more about Jones, here's a pretty great recent segment from HBO's John Oliver, who devoted a recent episode to Info Wars, and pointed out how it's basically a home shopping network ad showcase for Jones' off-the-grid products/supplements. 

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