Robert Kellermeier, 26, dead of apparent suicide in Hennepin County Jail


Robert Kellermeier's criminal record in Minnesota was light, consisting of only four driving offenses.

A Hennepin County Jail inmate is dead of an apparent suicide after he was found hanged in his cell. 

Twenty-six-year-old Robert John Kellermeier had been arrested by Minneapolis Police on May 30 on a warrant issued by Eau Claire County in Wisconsin. According to Eau Claire County, he was a no-show at community service after being convicted in June 2016 for attempting to fake a drug test.

Kellermeier had been on probation, and his Wisconsin criminal record shows a series of convictions dating back to 2010, from underage drinking to felony burglary.

Kellermeier's criminal record in Minnesota consisted of just four incidents of speeding. In March, he was pullled over for two instances of driving over the limit in the span of three days. He was convicted of a petty misdemeanor in both cases.

Kellermeier was found unresponsive during a routine cell check at about 11:15 a.m. Saturday morning. Deputies immediately attempted to revive him with CPR, but he was pronounced dead about an hour later by paramedics at the scene, according to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office released Kellermeier’s cause of death, ligature hanging, on Sunday night. The medical examiner and sheriff's office are investigating the incident.

Kellermeier's last known address was in St. Paul. 


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