Report: We choose to live here


Thanks to social media users (clockwise, from upper left): @titanandorion, @timolarson, and @akpix. You truly captured the snowy state of Minnesota. Instagram/Twitter

As you dig yourself out from this past weekend's epic Minnesota blizzard, take some time to reflect: We choose to live here.

Are we a bit nutty? Perhaps! What sort of yahoo buys or rents property in a state that just received April snowfall totals like this: 

Or, up on the North Shore, a state that gets hammered with the fury of Lake Superior amid a never-ending winter. Like this: 

But dammit, we secretly love it. 

At the same time, we not-so-secretly love the fact that temperatures are inching toward 60 degrees. Before the state completely thaws, let's revisit the snowiest start to a calendar year in Minnesota history, as highlighted by the mountains of white stuff that fell Friday through Monday. 

Hold onto your scarf during this frosty Instagram tour. Did we miss any can't-miss blizzard pix? Let us know in the comments. 


Meanwhile on the south shores of Lake Superior. Photo by @elliotjkennedy

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Streets of MPLS 4/15/18

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Not cool, April. Not cool.

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Emergency exit? Not today... #snow #blocked #snowfall #blizzard2018 #blizzard #minnesnowta

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When busses get stuck in April.

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