Rep. Tony Cornish wants to bring "craziest gun law in America" to Minnesota

Cornish wants to give Goldy Gopher the right to pack heat on campus.

Cornish wants to give Goldy Gopher the right to pack heat on campus.

In December, we blogged about Salon's list of the "craziest gun laws in America." The winner, so to speak, was a law in Wisconsin allowing people to carry concealed weapons in unenclosed areas on University of Wisconsin-system campuses.

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Well, in the estimation of Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder, that law isn't crazy at all. In fact, it's such a good idea that he hopes to import it to Minnesota.

[jump] From the Mankato Free Press:

Cornish said he holds a "more guns, less crime" philosophy and believes gun control proposals would be counterproductive.

So he will be pushing forward with legislation to allow teachers -- and probably other staff -- to carry concealed weapons even if a school's principal or other school administrators don't approve. Teachers, presuming they meet all other state requirements for carrying a weapon, would only need to inform school administrators. Current law requires permission from the administrators before a teacher can bring a weapon to school.

Cornish will also be making another attempt to require public colleges to allow students to carry handguns on campus if they have the applicable permits. He said Public Safety Committee Chairman Michael Paymar, DFL-St. Paul, promised him a hearing on both bills later this month.

In November, Cornish, author of the "deadly force" bill that was vetoed by Governor Dayton last legislative session, said there was "zero" chance he'd push gun rights-expanding legislation this year with the DFL controlling both the House and Senate. Then Newtown happened, and his tune changed completely.

Though Cornish acknowledged during his conversation with the St. Cloud Times that his bills have little chance of becoming law, he said he views them as "anti-venom" to any gun control measures Democrats might push.

Cornish wants armed teachers, and more guns on campus. He says he believes that more guns result in less crime. It appears he won't rest until all of us are able to tote AR-15s wherever we want, Halo style.

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