Rep. Tony Cornish: Firearms background check repeal critic is "rude"

Cornish wants to make it easier to buy guns in Minnesota.

Cornish wants to make it easier to buy guns in Minnesota.

Rep. Tony Cornish says that the "bald-headed goon" responsible for the bloodbath in Tucson a few weeks ago - Jared Loughner -- wouldn't have been stopped from buying a gun in Minnesota, had he tried.

The Good Thunder Republican's thinking-outside-the-box solution: Make it easier for other bald-headed goons like Loughner, and anyone else, to buy guns in Minnesota.

Not that's hard to buy a gun in Minnesota, at least if you're a law-abiding citizen. But just in case.


The public safety committee, which he chairs, gave the green light yesterday to a bill that would repeals Minnesota's background check laws. Those laws are tougher than federal laws. Cornish calls them unnecessary duplication.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association are both against the move. But Cornish, the Lake Thunder chief of police who likes to sport handcuff jewelry on his lapel, doesn't care.

And when gun safety advocate Heather Martens, of Protect Minnesota, asked him, "Who's side are you on?" he dismissed her as "rude."

The bill was aimed originally at extending gun permits from one to five years. But the Strib reports that its author, Rep. Steve Drazkowski (yep, him again) swapped in the repeal language at the last minute. (Original language here.)

Gov. Mark Dayton says opposes the repeal.

It's good to see the Legislature continuing to focus like a laser beam on turning Minnesota's economy around. Maybe its members consider this to be a full employment act for firearms retailers.

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