Rep. Matt Dean should consult a cancer patient before speaking on marijuana


The Dellwood Republican is invoking scare tactics to halt Minnesota's already glacial acceptance of medical marijuana. Wikimedia

Reader Andy Giesen responds to Republican wants health commissioner's medical marijuana authority rescinded:

Marijuana is the one thing that kept my spirits up after getting diagnosed with cancer this summer, and it helped keep me hungry and free from pain during treatment.

Couldn't have possibly put up with that process without some form of relief (whether it be an escape from reality or from pain), and it should be available for anyone else who has has similar ailments.

Reader Vince Schendel chimes in from the Republican perspective:

This angers me so much!!

I have been a diehard Republican for years, but this is not a political issue. It's a health issue!!

Those who know me know I have always been against illegal drugs. I have suffered from chronic pain for over ten years and was just recently approved for medical marijuana. Because of my beliefs I would never have tried it if it was illegal! My quality of life has completely changed in just a matter of weeks!

I will do what I can to bring my message to St. Paul! 

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