Rep. Mary Franson and the damage her bomb-throwing does to the LGBT cause


Mary Franson, among the lower wattage light bulbs of the Minnesota Legislature, is not known for her dutiful study of modern psychology texts. Minnesota House

Reader Sonya L Steinbeisser responds to Minnesota Rep. Mary Franson tweets awful opinion after Andrea Jenkins' win:

As a bisexual, gender non-conforming person, I have to say that the reason people struggle with their mental health in the first place sometimes is only because they spent their lives listening to people like Franson. Their lives are spent being torn down by people like this, and then they face ridicule after being broken by the society that outcasted and broke them in the first place.

That being said, there are lots of healthy, mentally sound people in the LGBT community. Being straight or gay, man or woman, or anything in between doesn't affect your mental health, but society sure does. The message our goverment sends when it tries to ban your service in the military or prevent you from marrying the person you love, that message is not a positive one.

Thank goodness for Andrea Jenkins and her win, because it will not only provide hope and inspiration for people in the LGBT community, it will also educate people like Franson who clearly have no understanding of people who they feel are outside their own.

We are all in this together and hopefully we can continue to aim for positive change while trying to build better relationships between everyone in our communities. Thank you, Andrea! 


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