Please, for your own good, never ever fight Minnesota Wild goalie prospect Ádám Vay [VIDEO]


Ádám Vay's goaltending skills could use some work, but that's definitely not because his hands aren't quick enough.

In Devan Dubnyk, the Minnesota Wild have, if not the best goalie in the National Hockey League, then certainly the hottest.

Dubnyk's giving up just 1.77 goals a game and saving 94 percent of the shots coming his way, both league-leading marks, and he's rightfully getting a lot of credit for the Wild's excellent first half of the season.

Should the Wild some day decide they need a goalie who stops pucks and scares the hell out of people, they've got one of those too.

The wider world learned this this week thanks to footage of Ádám Vay, a native of Budapest, Hungary, a goalie, a Minnesota Wild prospect, and a young man with which one does not trifle.

During a game between Vay's Quad City (Illinois) Mallards, a Wild-affiliated minor league team, and the Cleveland Monsters, a multi-skater brawl broke out that eventually lured both goalies to meet at center ice. What Monsters goalie Michael Houser probably did not know is that the 6-foot-5 Vay practices mixed martial arts "to relieve stress" (!) when he's not playing hockey.

Anyway, Houser probably knows this now, after suffering a nearly instant one-punch knockdown from Vay. 

Notice Vay doesn't take advantage and pound on the defenseless Houser, instead backing away, even appearing ready to help the victim to his feet.  

According to his stat sheet, Vay's got a save percentage of 88 percent, and a goals against average of 3.3 per game. Clearly the 22-year-old has a long climb before he can reach Dubnyk's All Star status.

But when he gets there, we doubt any opposing player will want to come anywhere near him.

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