Pendoodle the lost dog is home

Pendoodle is home

Pendoodle is home

Friday was a good day for lost dogs.

Guess the Priority Mail puppy found a new home, and now we've learned that Pendoodle, of the Missing Dog Blog, is safely home in Roseville.


"What have you seen? What travels have you made?" Flint Keller wondered aloud yesterday.

His website, and the effort to track down the big, friendly Newfoundland-Rottweiler mix through the help of strangers on Facebook, craigslist and other social media, put us on the errant dog's scent in the first place.

From a distance, we joined in the hunt for Pendoodle, Penn, Hootie -- all the names he answered to: Have you seen this dog?

On the phone, Flint Keller and his wife, Jenny, described weeks of anguish and tears, and how their kids had cried when they got a new puppy because they figured Pendoodle was gone forever.


But they never gave up hope. At one point, Flint was approached by a stranger who urged him to join in the search for Pendoodle, not realizing that Keller was the dog's owner.

Late on another afternoon, a frustrated Flint called us from a cold, windy field off of Snelling, where'd he'd gone after police reported seeing Pendoodle, living under a trailer.

Penn was gone by the time Flint arrived.

"We've had so many tips, it's been ridiculous," Jenny told us.

Then, last night, the family posted good news after weeks of frustration:

Penn's back. More to follow, too many happy tears to write now. More soon.

Later, as he's done regularly since the dog went missing New Year's Eve, Flint, an elementary school teacher, poured his heart out in public.

I cried with your emaciated head in my lap, because, while I had hoped deep in my soul, part of me never thought you'd never be here again. I cried for the forty-nine days you were gone. For the sense of relief. For being able to feel every bone--bones I didn't know you had--in your body. I cried thinking of the cold weather you had endured, and knowing how tough you must be. I cried because, Pendoodle, you are home.

Welcome back, Pendoodle.