On bigotry, the Republican Party has much more than an image problem


Jennifer Carnahan: "The Republican Party is not a racist, close-minded, bigoted, anti-woman party.” Jennifer Carnahan

Reader Blair Tosh responds to Meet the young Asian woman who wants to be the new face of the Republican Party:

I wish anyone who tries to change the Republican Party (or any political party) luck, but if you're starting from a premise that your party being considered bigoted, misogynistic, and close-minded is a matter of perception rather than a matter of policy and history, you're already doomed to failure.

If your party openly supports bigoted proposals, openly supports attacks on women's healthcare and bodily autonomy, and openly supports denying scientific evidence, then that party is in fact bigoted, misogynistic, and close-minded.

Saying "but they really aren't though" is meaningless. Change what your party does and tries to do, Ms. Carnahan. That's the surest way to change how they're perceived. 


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