Oh jeez, Matt Dean's college/student loans tweets got him owned

Matt Dean is probably saying something bad at this debate for 2017 Republican governor candidates. You'll thank us later for not caring enough about his ideas to dig up video or audio.

Matt Dean is probably saying something bad at this debate for 2017 Republican governor candidates. You'll thank us later for not caring enough about his ideas to dig up video or audio. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Matt Dean's a civilian these days, and thank your lucky stars for that, because hoo boy is the former Minnesota lawmaker bad at empathy and knowing what the hell he's talking about.

The conservative and villainous (but we repeat ourselves) ex-legislator lives in Dellwood, a suburb of St. Paul situated in Washington County, ranked as Minnesota's richest, with a median family income north of $92,000, not too far outside the top 10 richest counties in America. Dellwood itself ranks top 10 in incomes among Minnesota cities; its $61,000-plus per-person median income is doing more than its part to bring Washington County's status up.

It gets worse. As an architect, Matt's only dealing with the kind of people who have 1)  money to spare, 2) a construction project in mind and 3) the desire to pay some guy who will come over with blueprints, a pencil behind his ear, and who can repeatedly say "your vision" with a straight face.

It gets even worse. Matt's a total asshole.

This week, Dean's been engaging with Erin Maye Quade, another former legislator who represented Apple Valley -- not to mention women in general and, one could argue, the post-internet generation -- for a single term. The  subject of Maye Quade's Twitter chat with Dean is college affordability and student loans.

If you haven't been following their back-and-forth, please brace yourself for how spectacularly clueless this well-off white man is about to be.

There's plenty one to unpack here, including the indecipherable (and nonexistant?) "state/state" phrase, Matt's doubt about their being meaningful majors and jobs that don't pay a ton (because he forgot we value drawing pretty mansions more than, say, teaching children to read), Matt's idea that "guidance" would be a "who," rather than a "what"... but really we could've shown you that Matt inexplicably ended his tweet with two question marks and you'd know it was bad.

Erin Maye Quade recognized its inarguable badness and quote-retweeted it, the 2019 equivalent of asking someone to meet you at high noon and take 10 paces.

Maye Quade was probably engaging her own people here. She's rallying lefties to get on board with some form of debt relief and higher education subsidy for the youth of today, rather than trying to actually convince Matt Dean, who for some reason decided he should reply.

Go here to read all the stinging replies to Matt's remarkably oblivious (even for him!) line of thinking, but this thread from someone who is, unlike our antagonist Matt, ACTUALLY IN COLLEGE HERE RIGHT NOW, should do the trick:

Does Matt care about people in Fiona's situation? Does he care about the dozens of replies and retweets to Erin Maye Quade's quote-retweet --

-- each of them smarter and more empathetic than Matt Dean? When Matt Dean reads something, does he understand it?


Or does he just picture himself telling some doctor or financial adviser and his unhappy trophy wife that he's got "some fun ideas" about that archway they've been planning for the mezzanine?

Listen, reader, he probably does. Wish that couple well if you want.

But you'll feel a lot better about Minnesota as a whole when you learn Matt's replacement in the legislature is Ami Wazlawik, a DFLer and child-care assistant who's worked in public schools, with nonprofits, and with the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

As someone who's worked in schools, Ami has undoubtedly she's seen kids do risky stuff that only gets them hurt. Maybe Ami can help Matt Dean find something to put on all these burns he just got.


CORRECTION: Ami Wazliwak does not have kids, as stated in an earlier version of this post. --  maybe we just wished she was? -- and her work is not technically as a psychologist, though she could probably refer Matt Dean to one. City Pages regrets Matt Dean was ever House Majority Leader.