Moorhead Twitter sensation Jalan Greer could very well be a serial cat killer


Greer has admitted he's afraid of cats, but has only told police that he may have killed the three felines while blacked out. Clay County Jail

Jalan Greer is a giver and a taker.

To the world, as his 155,000 Twitter followers can attest, the 23-year-old Moorhead man is a graphic artist, an aspiring musician, and a model who's done work for the clothing brand Lost In Fargo. 

From the world, Greer takes cats. 

A tip from a neighbor in Greer's south Moorhead apartment complex, who'd heard what sounded to like a cat "fighting for its life," summoned law enforcement. 

According to a Moorhead police investigation that was first reported by The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead newspaper, a woman gave Greer a cat named Smokey around Christmas. But shortly thereafter, Greer was reporting back to her that Smokey had tragically been killed when a towel rod fell.

Greer sent Smokey's former owner a photo of the carnage. It showed the cat lying on the bathroom floor with blood oozing from its mouth and nose, and the rod across its chest. 

Greer was supposed to pay $20 to another woman for a cat named Oreo. He never did. Greer would tell the woman a neighbor had murdered Oreo. 

Less than a month later, Greer was in receipt of another cat, according to investigators. Greer told police the cat had electrocuted itself by sticking its claws into an electrical outlet.

Police say he later changed that story, saying he might have accidentally strangled the cat by holding its neck too tightly.

One of the witnesses interviewed during the investigation has since pointed investigators to a website that shows multiple people giving cats to Greer, who appeared in Clay County District Court earlier this week.

He faces three counts of felony mistreatment of animals. If convicted, Greer faces up to six years in prison.

Greer could not be reached for comment.   


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