Moorhead hero warns: Check tailpipes for condoms

Moorhead police confirm this actually happened.

Moorhead police confirm this actually happened. YouTube

We live in a treacherous world: violence, greed—at times even the natural elements seem pitted against us.

Before you worry about any of that, one Minnesotan wants you to make absolutely sure there is not a condom wrapped around your tailpipe.

Last week, a Moorhead woman took this concern to the sometimes-helpful, sometimes-hilarious Nextdoor website to warn her neighbors. The woman wrote that she'd seen a stranger jump out of his own car, stoop next to someone else’s, and carefully roll a rubber filled with “an unknown substance” over the exhaust pipe, a little like people learned with bananas in underfunded sex-ed classes.

Valley News Live checked with Moorhead police and confirmed someone had in fact called to report this incident happening.

“Unknown substance” aside, this is apparently a fairly common prank, if searches of YouTube, WikiHow, and Yahoo! Answers are any indication. There’s not much to the gag other than an interesting visual after the exhaust engorges the condom to about the size of a watermelon.

Experts warned the building pressure could mess up your motor if your car, like the cop in a well-written movie, happens to decide it's too old for this shit. Next time you see your vehicle, do yourself a favor and make sure it’s not using protection.