Minnesota's favorite car is... (sigh)... a truck

Minnesota loves these chonky boys.

Minnesota loves these chonky boys. Chevrolet of Wayzata

We regret to inform you that Minnesota's favorite car is not a car at all, but a pickup truck—specifically the Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

This is according to a survey by car search engine, which analyzed over 19 million vehicle sales in 2019 to determine the most popular picks across the country. The study broke up the data between new and used cars, and the Silverado—known for its capaciousness, towing capacity, and big boxy frame—was our pick either way.

This explains why there are, conservatively, a billion of these chonky boys sitting around every time you’re trying to find one gott-damn parking spot. We’ve got to get our boats to the lake somehow.

And don't make any assumptions about rural Minnesotans tilting the scales: The survey also tracked car sales in major metro areas, and the Silverado's the most popular vehicle in Minneapolis-St. Paul, too. Our apparent fondness for the Chevy truck puts us in company with Austin, Texas; Oklahoma City; and Charlotte, among other metro areas where the Silverado's the top seller.

Lord knows Minnesotans love to tow, but it’s hard to say what it is about the Silverado that makes us go crazy for them. New, they’re the favorite of nine states (including ours), while five favor them used.

The far more popular choice is another pickup truck: the Ford F-150. It’s the used car of choice in 32 states, and the new car of choice in 22 of them, including among our neighbors in Wisconsin.

The Silverado may be Minnesota’s favorite truck, but by far the best our state has to offer may be this ’57 Chevy bought by Prinsburg resident Bob Sportel back in 1976. He got it off a farmer for $75 and was still driving it in 2015.

Its seats were primarily made of “wool blankets and duct tape” and the fenders had been eaten away by tinworm. But it still drove fine after only $1,000 in repairs and what Sportel estimated to be 300,000 miles of usage. We say “estimated” because it was impossible to tell with the broken odometer.

Of course, the best truck for Minnesota at the moment might just be no truck at all, if you can manage it. Our state is one of the fastest-warming in the nation, and already being rapidly transformed by climate change. Transportation is our largest contributor to greenhouse gases, and passenger vehicles happen to be the biggest contributor to that category.

If you insist on driving around in a big truck, you could at least put some people in the back and take them where they're headed.