Minnesota Republican/bigot Doug Wardlow cheated his way to losing

This is Doug Wardlow deep in thought. That should scare you a little. His thoughts are bad.

This is Doug Wardlow deep in thought. That should scare you a little. His thoughts are bad. Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune

Reasons we already knew Doug Wardlow was a bad candidate for attorney general, ranked:

1) Bigoted past

2) Bigoted present

3) Resorted to anti-Semitic bogeyman advertising

4) Refused to apologize for that or even look someone in the eye when asked about it

5) Thought it was his right to fire any Democrats in his office if elected (it's... not; he... wasn't)

6) Uncharismatic

7) Somehow still smug?

8) His unethical (and bigoted! and misogynistic!) blog

9) Supports right to work

10) This photo of him smiling in front of a bus plastered with pictures of him smiling

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

That's a lot of reasons! And yet, the hits keep coming, even as of this week. A report from the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure board determined Wardlow's ill-fated campaign against Keith Ellison overspent, violating state campaign law by shelling out $910,000-some dollars, exceeding the limit for that race by more than $46,000.

Wardlow has been hit with a fine of the same amount, and reached a payment plan with the board that requires a $10,000 payment right away, and an installment plan that has Doug paying off the remaining balance by... [squints] April 2021. Huh. Sounds like the state's a little more patient and understanding with Doug than he is when someone tries confronting him in a synagogue.

A lawyer representing the campaign told the board they'd received "a surge in fundraising late in the campaign," and simply got "overwhelmed." 

By the way, if you're the kind of person who donated to Doug Wardlow after we learned all (or most of) the awful things he's said and done... consider therapy. At least confess this fact to your priest or deity and seek forgiveness.

Wardlow didn't respond to the Star Tribune's requests for comments when it wrote about his cheating. Don't hold your breath: Wardlow routinely dodged difficult questions during the campaign, and after the Pioneer Press exposed his horrific high school bullying, which led to a gay classmate's attempted suicide, Doug responded with a statement calling the story "politically motivated lies." 

Despite a flood of negative press -- and, as we now know, an illegal amount of advertising purchases -- Keith Ellison beat Doug Wardlow 48 percent to 45 percent. (A third-party candidate whose campaign centered on legalizing pot got about 6 percent, despite telling supporters to vote for Ellison, citing the risk Wardlow posed to the state.)

What's Keith up to these days? Oh, ya know, just tweeting out important stuff with phrasing you wouldn't expect from the state's top lawyer:

Click through for the replies. That chill and publicly accessible prompt is getting results. Looks like Keith might be good at this after all. Picture him chuckling at the fate of Doug Wardlow and then getting back to work.