Minneapolis security guard helping blind man cross street goes very viral [VIDEO]


A security guard helping a blind man across the street in Minneapolis is not the only news story you need today. But it's probably the only one you want. Tina Eddy Mack/Facebook

Bad news abounds, and now's no time to start ignoring it.

That said, we could all use an occasional reprieve from the news cycle's Groundhog Day-esque dark clouds. This, undoubtedly, is why a short amateur video of a simple act of kindness has gone wildly viral these past few days.

We can't think of much to add to Tina Eddy Mack's Facebook post from last Friday morning. If you haven't seen it already, we encourage you to wait until the precise moment today you've given up on humanity. (Say, 9:10 a.m.) If you have watched both videos, go ahead, come back for repeat viewings.

Try to catch small stuff you didn't see the first time: the security guard's little wave to the guy snowplowing; the salon-small-talk banter in the background; that sweet-ass backpack Jerry's wearing; the way that white car almost has to come to a complete stop to let this lovely little scene play out.

Far be it from us to convince you humankind as a whole is due for redemption. We have our moments, though, don't we?

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