Minneapolis school tagged with Nazi graffiti

The image appeared sometime this week. In the year 2019.

The image appeared sometime this week. In the year 2019. Carin Mrotz

The dawn of August means the school year's right around the corner. Sadly, we're forced to hope this year teachers hammer home that Nazis are really, really bad.

Photos posted Thursday revealed horrifying graffiti on the door of the Lake Harriet Community School reading "KIKES  MUST DIE," and handily illustrated with a swastika symbol.

This painted anit-Semitism was documented on Twitter by Carin Mrotz, executive director of Jewish Community Action and someone who is a little too used to incidents like this. (See examples here and here.) 

The Minneapolis Police Department are looking into the Nazi tagging, which they believe showed up some time this week. 

This marks the 17th anti-Semitic incident this year reported to the Jewish Community Relations Council, which represents Minnesota and the Dakotas. That group has been in contact with local law enforcement and the school's principal.

Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Ed Graff says the district condemns the graffiti "in the strongest terms possible." Technically, Ed leaves out those strongest terms, which we would argue start with "go" and end with "to hell, you goddamn Nazis." 

Has the modern political climate inspired more of these incidents? Or are they just more on our radar? You be the judge, reader. Or, if you're into math and science, trust that.

What we do know is a certain Sweet Potato Fascist, one prone to weigh in on the apparent lack of nationalism in very, very local politics, has yet to issue a statement condemning this tag.