Minneapolis police shoot, kill deer that wandered downtown


On Sunday, Minneapolis police shot and killed a yearling deer that had somehow wandered into a vacant, grassy lot enclosed by a 7-foot-high fence at 8th Street and Portland Avenue South.

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It wasn't easy. According to the Star Tribune, the poor thing was shot four times over a 45-minute period.

[jump] Minneapolis police spokesperson Cyndi Barrington told the Strib that given the urban setting, officers felt compelled to space out their shots.

"You just can't start using a rifle in city limits and pow pow pow. You have to be careful on city surroundings," she said.

Officers initially considered tranquilizing the deer, but couldn't obtain a tranquilizer gun quickly. Amid concern the deer might somehow jump into traffic, the decision was made to take it out.

Sadly, the injured deer tried desperately to run away after being shot the first time. A witness said the deer "jumped up and started running around" after the first shot was fired. Later, it started slamming the Sexton Lofts building's glass windows and sliding doors, leaving a bloody trail behind, the Strib reports.

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