Minneapolis hair stylist charged for unwanted boob-grabbing service


A Juut Salonspa customer claims Vincent B. Sechi grabbed her breasts during a haircut and massage, telling her it was a "nice tip." Pixabay

According to Minneapolis police, an unnamed woman went to the Juut Salonspa downtown late last month for a haircut. She was assigned to 30-year-old stylist Vincent B. Sechi of Bloomington.

Sechi told her to change into a robe, then gave her a haircut and neck and back massage. This is where his services went from requested to unwanted.

As he brushed cut hair from her chest, the woman said he repeatedly reached down her bra. He began to grope her breasts, telling her that it constituted a “nice tip.” Sechi acknowledged that American women weren’t prone to offering such gratuities, but told her that “since [she] is French, it was fine,” say police.

Yet the woman seemed to have an entirely different idea of what constitutes a proper tip. She went to police.

Sechi admitted to the cops that he’d reached into her bra and that
he’d “definitely overstepped.”

He’s been charged with fifth-degree sexual assault. His two-month reign at Juut ended when he was promptly fired.

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