Minneapolis Councilman Abdi Warsame accuses DFL activist of "white supremacy tactics"


Mohamud Noor, Somali-American activist and challenger for Abdi Warsame's city council seat. Warsame claims Noor endorsed him. Star Tribune

Abdi Warsame, who made history as the first Somali-American elected to Minneapolis City Council, wants to keep his seat. Two weeks ago, he announced that a fellow high-profile Somali activist and repeat political contender, Mohamud Noor, had endorsed his bid for re-election.

He was promptly called out on Facebook. Matt Musel, a longtime Democratic organizer, disputed that Noor had ever endorsed Warsame.

“I was present tonight when Mohamud Noor did not support your reelection,” Musel wrote. “Council member Abdi Warsame, do you assume everyone who eats with you endorses you? Check your facts.”

Warsame flipped out. In response, he intimated that by questioning him, Musel was trying to “divide and conquer” the Somali community.

“White supremacy tactics won’t work here lad,” Warsame wrote. “Meredith Matthew Musel wants to be the puppet master, playing the Somali community against each other. Like the old colonial ‘masters’ this man ‘knows’ what’s good for us.”

Following the councilman’s lead, others jumped on the Musel-bashing bandwagon, calling the progressive activist a “whiteboy” who targets black Muslims, a “keyboard thug,” a “nobody who wants to be somebody,” an Islamophobe who should ask for permission before he speaks, an “Uncle Tom,” and an “insignificant little man who seems to be suffering from a clinical ‘little man complex.’”


The insults stopped only when another commenter called out Warsame’s troll army for its role in once trying to undermine the newly elected, wildly popular state Representative Ilhan Omar. In the past, Omar has also criticized Warsame for being a misogynist who couldn’t stand to see a Somali woman rise to greater power.

Lying about a political endorsement is a violation of state law. Warsame did not respond for comment.

However, a twist came in the mystery when Noor filed to challenge Warsame for the Ward 6 seat. On Saturday Noor confirmed that he had decided to join the race, but declined to discuss his candidacy further.

It’s safe to say that even if Noor had inexplicably endorsed Warsame two weeks ago for the position he intended to obtain for himself, he certainly does not endorse Warsame now.

Tiffini Flynn Florslund is also running for the DFL endorsement in Ward 6. 


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