Mall of America 'Santa' throws money at strangers, who pick it up [VIDEO]


These people at the Mall of America did not expect some Santa guy to start throwing cash at them. Because who does? Youtube

Plot twist: Santa's real as hell, and sometimes he makes it rain up in the club.

Well, the Mall of America, anyway. We know very little about the below video, which appears to show some rogue Santa Claus pulling stacks of singles from a Ziploc bag.

"Shit," he says, one of several incongruous, un-Santa-like things going on in this video.

The video was published to Youtube by an account called Memoria, which describes itself as "videos of little adventures and things we do." Does throwing a bunch of cash at unsuspecting holiday shoppers qualify as a "little adventure"? Or is it just one of the "things we do"?

We can't imagine what these jokers thought would happen when the dollar bills begin raining down on folks. Spoiler alert: They notice, and they pick it up.

"Merry Christmas!" this Santa character shouts at them. 

Finding themselves unwitting players in a bizarre social and behavioral economic experiment, the shoppers snatch for bills, occasionally looking up to check the origin of the cash; it doesn't look like any fights broke out.

You better watch out. You better not cry; you better not pout; I'm telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to -- OH SHIT THAT'S REAL MONEY! To the food court! This next decafe vanilla latte's on Santa!

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