Jeremy Miller's Cinco de Mayo look is... not a good look

State Sen. Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) decided to play dress-up with the whole family. WHAT FUN!

State Sen. Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) decided to play dress-up with the whole family. WHAT FUN! Twitter

Whitenona, Minnesota -- whoa, wait, sorry, that's not its name.

Winona is a physically gorgeous town in southeastern Minnesota, and is populated almost entirely (94 percent) by pale-skinned people. Those people, or at least a majority of their voters in recent years, have seen fit to send Jeremy Miller to the Minnesota State Senate.

Since winning narrowly in 2010, Miller has made it look easy in two reelections, winning comfortably with 63 percent of the 2016 electorate and more than 25,000 votes. That's a lotta white folks!

That race, by the way, is the one that has to keep getting warned and reminded that dressing up in "costume" in some other culture's tradition is 1) offensive to that culture and 2) makes you look not funny but tone deaf and basic as hell.

The nice thing is these people tend to be so clueless they're happy to document their insensitive moves and expose them to the world. The internet has helped speed this process along, and there's no quicker way to out your bullshit than

Congratulations, Senator! You're not only happily married and gainfully employed, you're also blissfully ignorant. Sounds easy!

Miller's sartorial sin was noted and shamed (where else?) on Twitter by Emilia Gonzalez Avalos, executive director at the Unidos MN Education Fund. (One look at her resume and you might wish the state senator in this story was Emilia, not Jeremy.)

Gonzalez Avalos decided to do some of her own "education," adding some spicy jokes about what we can infer about these happily married Millers if this is how they do Cinco de Mayo.

...and while we still wish a state senator had enough sense not to have done this in the first place, it's almost (almost!) worth it for the opportunity to make fun of him.

Whites: Don't try this, it's not a good look. But if you absolutely insist on being an ass in public, be forewarned you will be roasted with extra salt and lime juice online. Be ignorant at your own peril.