Jason DeRusha becomes the news after lightning strikes home


Firefighters in DeRusha's home

WCCO's Jason DeRusha found himself the subject of a bona fide news story during the Saturday evening thunderstorms when his Maple Grove home was struck by lightning.

DeRusha was watching TV with his wife when they heard the crash, and through a window saw sparks fly off the house.

Their kids were OK. Slept through the whole thing, DeRusha says, and were carried, asleep in their jammies to a friend's house.

But when firefighters arrived they discovered an inside wall in DeRusha's 5-year-old son's room was smoldering. That meant hacking through the wall to tackle the damage: An electrical line had been blown open and was burning.

True to form, DeRusha got right on Twitter to talk about the scare in real time (not for nothing did we name him Best Tweeter in 2010).


Lightning hit my house. Everyone's OK. Fire dept peeling back siding and cutting into bedroom wall.

They're cutting a hole in Seth's room: outlets are burned out. Inside of wall is smoking.

Guessing my kids will be really confused when they wake up at the neighbor's house. They slept through the lightning strike drama.

Nothing like watching sparks fly off your house out the window while you're watching tv!

@taulpaul Shelby has the power to strike fear... Who knew he sent lightning strikes?

@MPLSPR thanks! It went from scary to overwhelming to a headache. But we're all OK.

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