In Edina, a gun is not a cure-all for everything that scares you


Your conceal carry permit was not designed to protect you from kids wielding plastic armaments. Your brain is supposed to do that job. Air Combat Command

Reader Carlos Walker responds to In Edina, guy pulls real gun on teenagers playing with Nerf guns [VIDEO]:

I am a 30 year old pro-gun black male who lives in the south metro. Although I am pro-gun and carry daily, I am anti-stupidity!

Have we not learned from past events and cases? Have we not learned from Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman, Allen Scarcella, Philando Castile/Jeronimo Yanez, and all of the other countless cases where lives were lost over senselessness?

I don't understand why so many people who carry guns act as if they have no problem solving skills and lack the ability to arrive to peaceful resolutions. To put it in perspective, it's very much so like using the wrong tool for the wrong job. You don't use a hatchet to cut your steak, do you? You use an appropiate size knife that allows you to seperate the meat with ease!

Considering how old the guy with the gun looks and how juvenile the kids sound, my question is where was this guy's bag of tools? When he decided that he was going to address whatever these juveniles were doing, he reached for the wrong tool in the tool bag.

Instead of grabbing his gun, he should have grabbed his adult thinking hat, or his adult male assertiveness, or some other conflict resolution method that could of been a thousand and one other things before he reached for his gun.

Thankfully, the woman in the video not only carries around a tool bag, but she knows how to use the correct tool for the job. She saved everyone's behind in this situation!


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