Hey Minnesota, did anyone mention that weather yesterday?

Can you find us on this map of Thursday's high temps?

Can you find us on this map of Thursday's high temps? National Weather Service Twin Cities

Can we talk about the weather?

Of course we can. As Minnesotans, it's one of four topics we find emotionally comfortable enough to discuss. Thursday's weather, as you can see on the map above, made us something of a national anomaly.

Yesterday Minneapolis topped out at 67 degrees and dipped down to 54 degrees, which is more in line with October. We missed 1971's record low of 46 degrees for August 3, and really, really missed 1941's record high of 99 degrees. Typical August weather has us reaching the low 80s.

Elsewhere, our bike-path rivals in Portland, Oregon, continued their record-cracking heat wave, with temps hitting 105 degrees.  

The weekend forecast for the Twin Cities feels more September than October: partly sunny with highs in the mid-70s, and a chance of showers late Sunday. Enjoy the mild weather at one of this weekend's 67 free events, festivals, parties, and shows