Here's why they warn you to stay away from Minnehaha Falls [VIDEO]


Park police warned people 135 separate times this past weekend about staying away from Minnehaha Falls.

Here's a very recent headline from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:


Maybe you can guess where this is going; a few curious, outdoorsy Twin Cities folks couldn't.

Here's an even more recent headline from the Star Tribune:


Yes, somehow, the "please don't, for your own good" tenor of the former story didn't do enough to convince people to steer clear of the breathtaking frozen falls in Minneapolis. Perhaps the latter will have a more sobering effect.

And if that doesn't do it, this scary video captured by Minneapolis resident Judy Babcock, will do the trick. Uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, Babcock's short clip captures the very moment the giant icicles broke off and collapsed right overhead a group of admirers.

(Note that from her own vantage point, Babcock was perfectly capable of seeing the falls, and at very little risk they might come crashing onto her face.) 

The 20-year-old woman hit by falling ice sustained minor injuries to her arm and was taken to a hospital; this was deemed punishment enough, and she was not cited for trespassing, the Strib reports.

Aside from numerous signs telling people to stay away from the falls -- even if it looks safe, and magical, and would make for the very best selfies -- park police issued 135 warnings to trespassers over the weekend.

Think of this video as warning number 136.

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