Fred Smoot's attorney says officers made up story about Smoot peeing his pants


Steve Smith makes fun of Fred "Love Boat Captain" Smoot by mock-rowing after burning him for a TD in 2005. Ah, memories!

Fred Smoot's pants stayed dry throughout his DWI arrest, according to Smoot's attorney, Brian McDaniel.


-- Fred Smoot pissed his pants during DWI arrest

-- Former Viking Fred Smoot continues to terrorize neighborhood

In an affidavit, US Capitol Police officer Seth Carll wrote that "During processing... while handcuffed, [Smoot] peed his pants creating a puddle on the floor." But that embarrassing story is fiction, McDaniel insists.

[jump] From an email McDaniel sent to the Star Tribune:

[M]uch has been made of the allegation that Mr. Smoot urinated on himself while being held in the "search area" of the First District Precinct. This allegation is plainly false and was included in the report only to embarrass Mr. Smoot when it was predictably "picked up and ran with" by the local and national media. So that I am clear, Mr. Smoot did not urinate on himself while in the precinct or at any other time during or while he was in custody. A fair and objective review of the Affidavit created by Officer Carll reveals that the portion reporting these intentionally embarrassing mistruths are memorialized in hand writing as an add on to the rest of the report which was done in type set. (Please review the Affidavit). These Affidavits are historically completed by law enforcement officers after the completion of the processing of anyone who is arrested. Unless Officer Carll broke with protocol and began to do his paperwork prior to the processing of Mr. Smoot (an occurrence which is highly unlikely) this information was included as an after thought and only to sensationalize the arrest of Mr. Smoot.
McDaniel's email leaves one glaring question unanswered -- why in God's name would D.C. cops have any interest in concocting a story just for the sake of making a former NFL player look bad?

Smoot has already pleaded not guilty to the DWI charge, and is due back in court early next month.

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