Frankie MacDonald, visionary weatherman, predicts major storm for Minnesota [VIDEO]


MacDonald's weather forecasts have proven so accurate that the World Meteorology Society once launched an investigation to see if he's the Second Coming. The results were inconclusive. YouTube

You may have heard that a major storm is coming our way, carrying up to 15 inches of snow. It's now official. Frankie MacDonald says so.

The Nova Scotia weather great, the envy of meteorologists worldwide, says the Twin Cities can expect "dangerous and treacherous conditions." He's urging Minnesotans to ensure their survival by ordering pizza and Chinese food, and stocking up on nutritional staples like Coke and Pepsi. 

MacDonald, often called "the only weatherman who really matters" by such luminaries as Paul Douglas, is especially concerned that residents charge their Samsung electronic products. He further suggests drinking lots of tea to stay warm. Specifically, green, white and red tea. Brown will be inadequate. 

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