Former Staples city council member trashes Minneapolis, threatens to skin a man alive


Minneapolitans harbor no ill will for Staples, Minnesota. But at least one former official of the small northwestern town has a lot of pent up rage. Royalbroil

There’s something about the Internet that dumps accelerant on nonsense feuds.

Rational thought gets suspended by pure rage, and the incoherent menace lurking inside seemingly ordinary people awakens.

On Saturday, the Star Tribune shared an article on Facebook about Betsy Hodges’ failed re-election bid, and why the same messages that won her the mayor’s office in 2013 didn’t stick in 2017. It got a lot of comments, as stories about Hodges often do, from folks who don’t live anywhere near Minneapolis, but love to trash the city’s liberalism and diversity.

Local man David Mudder found himself responding to a few, arguing that indeed, Minneapolitans do favor sanctuary policies because “WWJD.” To one commenter who called the city “Minnecrapolis” and a cesspool of crime, Mudder says he retorted, “Don’t come here then, the stadium is off limits too.”

This led the commenter, Mike Isenberg, to launch a more personal offensive. He messaged Mudder on Facebook, calling him a “dirty ass cocksmoker,” a “pussy,” and a screed of other names with an obsessive focus on Mudder’s manhood. Isenberg even brings his wife into it, all the while using a profile picture of his two elementary-aged kids.

(Warning: You made it past the headline, and this far, but this gets pretty graphic.) 

“I admit I started provoking him after it was clear he wasn’t going to stop,” Mudder says. “I’m pretty upset that things went that far all because I said, ‘If you don’t like Minneapolis, don’t come here.’”

Interestingly, Isenberg, like the outgoing mayor Hodges, knows the responsibility that comes with serving as an elected official. He served as a city council member in Staples, a small, northwestern Minnesota town of about 3,000 people which describes itself online as an "active, progressive community at the heart of Minnesota."

Running for office in 2011, Isenberg told the local newspaper city officials should "work with and for it's [sic] citizens, not in spite of them." Isenberg served on the Staples City Council from January 2012 to 2017.

He did not return requests for comment. By Monday, his business, Isenberg Custom Cabinets had more than a dozen negative reviews that were mostly, but not all, posted in retaliation of this recent online incident. Some people just thought he made bad cabinets. 

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