Edina Teen Puts His Vote up for Bid on eBay

With a story like this, it is hard to imagine that the late William M. Tweed isn't grinning from down under. According to Fox News, an Edina teenager is being charged with felony bribery for posting his vote in the 2008 general election for auction on eBay.

I am having trouble deciding who to vote for in the Presidential Election, so I am putting my vote up for sale. I am a legal resident of the state of Minnesota, and I am 19 years old. I am legally allowed to vote, and I have already voted in one previous election. The rules are simple, the highest bigger will tell me who to cast my vote for in the election. I will vote for any candidate of any party, as long as they are on the ballot. If the highest bidder so chooses, I will also abstain from voting, if that is what they so choose. To prove that I will actually vote for the candidate of the highest bidder’s choice, I will photograph myself inside the voting booth with my filled out ballot. Good luck! You’re country depends on You!

The teen, also known as zepdrummer612, told investigators it was a joke.

In convicted, 19-year-old Max Sanders could face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. It is unlawful in Minnesota to knowingly solicit money or anything of value for votes.

Apparently, Sanders's vote really wasn't that important. The auction was active for one week and ended without any bids.

Happy Fourth of July.

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