Degenerate boater chases swimming deer until it drowns


Sicko alert: someone up by Lake Tulaby has some issues to sort through.

Forget lion-killing dentist Walter Palmer. There's a new degenerate deserving of your ire.

Some jerk in a boat up in northwest Minnesota recently drowned a buck for shits and giggles.

While bystanders watched in horror, a pontoon driver on Tulaby Lake first blocked a deer swimming in the middle of the lake from reaching shore. Then, as the deer tried to wade away, the guy kept on its tail, chasing it further from land.

At one point, another boater went out to intervene, but not before the deer ran out of steam and sank beneath the surface. The pontoon took off. Onlookers hauled the deer’s body out of the lake and stowed it in the pickup truck of a Department of Natural Resources officer.

Fortunately, someone grabbed a photo of the pontoon’s registration number. Others said they recognized that the boat belonged to a guy who owns property on the lake. The driver, however, might have been a guest. The DNR has all this info and is currently trying to track down the culprit to hand him a $500 citation.

In the meantime, they're not saying who owns the pontoon, which is probably the best thing this guy's got going for him.

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