"Cubicle Guy" who videobombed Anthony Weiner presser is former WCCO newsman [VIDEO]

Cubicle Guy peers over his cube to take in yesterday's Weiner news conference.

Cubicle Guy peers over his cube to take in yesterday's Weiner news conference.

As the latest hard-to-fathom Anthony Weiner -- aka, Carlos Danger -- allegations spread around the internet like wildfire yesterday, the disgraced former Congressman and aspiring NYC mayor decided to hold an impromptu press conference to try and douse some water on the flames.

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As it turned out, the most viral thing from the news conference wasn't anything Weiner said -- it was the bizarre behavior of "Cubicle Guy," the professional-looking, glasses-wearing dude who could be seen peering over his cube at Weiner and his understandably uncomfortable-looking wife, Huma Abedin, while they spoke in an NYC newsroom.

[jump] "Cubicle Guy" is actually Jeff McKinney, a longtime reporter and anchor for WCCO radio who left the Twin Cities in 2010 and now works for WOR radio in New York.

Here's a video paying tribute to McKinney's impressive performance during yesterday's presser:

In a subsequent thrilled-to-have-a-local-angle interview with WCCO, McKinney, tongue planted firmly in cheek, repeatedly referred to himself in the third person and explained he had no intention of becoming an internet sensation.

"Cubicle Guy had no idea that he was Cubicle Guy," McKinney said. "Cubicle Guy was just there. He was taking notes. He was standing behind Anthony Weiner, because that was the only available spot to him. Because Cubicle Guy was late to the news conference, but as it turns out not as late as Anthony Weiner."

"I didn't realize I was becoming famous as I stood there, taking notes and doing whatever I was doing," McKinney said.

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