Charges dropped against Rose Picklo, woman arrested for being topless


Rose Picklo appeared topless at a Minnesota United game in September. Those in attendance apparently survived exposure to her nipples. Hennepin County

Call it a historic moment for people who think women should feel as free to go topless as dudes do. 

Rose Picklo, the 23-year-old woman arrested and charged for appearing topless in public at a Minnesota United soccer game, will not be punished for her "crime."

The Minneapolis City Attorney's Office has dropped the charge of "indecent exposure," a gross misdemeanor, citing "prosecutorial discretion," the Star Tribune reports. That phrase appears in a filing from an assistant city attorney.

Picklo used a different one, telling the paper: "Charges were dropped because the arrest was a gross violation of my civil liberties." 

Picklo's September 7 arrest made national news, and divided those who learned of the details. On one side was the police, who removed a defiant Picklo from TCF Bank Stadium; the city attorney's office, which charged her for "willfully and lewdly" exposing her breasts in public; and a woman who'd sat near Picklo, who reported that the alleged topless-ness had occurred in front of her seven-year-old son.

On the other side were... most of the people who heard what got Picklo arrested. The story of Picklo, a native of Grand Forks, North Dakota, became a cause celebre for activists in 'Go Topless,' a national movement that organizes annual rallies where women remove their shirts and bras as a public protest; one such event occured in Minneapolis in August. 

None of those women has ever been arrested -- nor has the Republic crumbled, for that matter -- so why were Picklo's breasts such a big deal?  

"If there were other men [at the United game] going topless, then I would have done the same thing," activist Faith Nuemann told City Pages.

Had Picklo been convicted of indecent exposure, she faced a maximum penalty of one year in prison and/or a $3,000 fine.

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